What is SEO and how will it help me to position my hotel's website?

If you are looking for how to increase the visibility of your hotel, or to put it more simply, how to make my hotel appear in Google?

by Axovia   |  16 Nov 2022
The importance of the community manager in the hospitality industry

In this digital era, if you don´t have a presence in the networks, it will be difficult to implement a strategy for growth, visibility and monitoring of your brand.

by Gloria Candiani   |  19 Oct 2022
Communication and hotel identity

We know that in the world of hospitality there is a lot of competition: a big variety of options of different categories and styles fight throughout the year to win the attention of those looking for a place to stay, about for a weekend or a season.

by Axovia   |  14 Oct 2022
How to create an effective digital marketing strategy?

In this article, we take a look at how we achieve results for our clients.

by Diana Almeida   |  11 Jun 2021
Misinformation on social networks

We talk about how not to fall into fake news on social networks

by Pamela Ulloa   |  22 Apr 2021
The secret that Instagram doesn't want you to discover

We take a look at the Instagram algorithm change and how to create relevant content to your business

by Pamela Ulloa   |  17 Mar 2021