Customer Journey in Hospitality

Customer Journey is the path a customer takes to satisfy their needs and desires through a consumer choice.

by Francisco Nuñez   |  22 Feb 2022
What is a Booking Journey?

New technologies have given consumers unprecedented power to compare prices, build or destroy a hotel's reputation and find the best deals. This shift in the balance of power in favor of consumers has been evident for some time, and has accelerated dramatically in recent years in the wake of the pandemic.

by Francisco Nuñez   |  04 Jan 2022
How does SEO change in 2021 after Google's Core Update?

We review how SEO work changed after Google's Core Update in December 2020.

by Ulises Silva   |  11 Feb 2021
GIFs in Marketing

We all know what a GIF is, either because we’ve seen one or used one at some point in time. But what you might not know is the interesting history behind the GIF or even how to create one yourself.

by Francisco Nuñez   |  02 Feb 2020

Did you know that there is a handbag that ranges from $11,900 USD to $300,000 USD - and not only that - if you have the pocketbook to foot that bill, you may still be on a waiting list for a few years before showing off your new Birkin bag?!

by Axovia   |  20 Jan 2020