Google Ads Campaigns: How and where to invest? Seasonality and Markets

Google Ads campaigns are used to promote products or services. They are made up of ad groups, ads, keywords, budget, bidding and one of the most important pillars: segmentation.

by Axovia   |  26 Oct 2022
What is A/B testing?

In the world of digital marketing and web analytics there is a term you hear a lot: A/B testing. But what is A/B testing?

by Rafael Montero   |  21 Oct 2022
The importance of the community manager in the hospitality industry

In this digital era, if you don´t have a presence in the networks, it will be difficult to implement a strategy for growth, visibility and monitoring of your brand.

by Gloria Candiani   |  19 Oct 2022
Communication and hotel identity

We know that in the world of hospitality there is a lot of competition: a big variety of options of different categories and styles fight throughout the year to win the attention of those looking for a place to stay, about for a weekend or a season.

by Axovia   |  14 Oct 2022
Customer Journey in Hospitality

Customer Journey is the path a customer takes to satisfy their needs and desires through a consumer choice.

by Francisco Nuñez   |  22 Feb 2022
What is a Booking Journey?

New technologies have given consumers unprecedented power to compare prices, build or destroy a hotel's reputation and find the best deals. This shift in the balance of power in favor of consumers has been evident for some time, and has accelerated dramatically in recent years in the wake of the pandemic.

by Francisco Nuñez   |  04 Jan 2022