Google Ads Campaigns: How and where to invest? Seasonality and Markets

26 October 2022 | By Axovia | E-MARKETING

Google Ads Campaigns: How and where to invest? Seasonality and Markets 

Google Ads campaigns are used to promote products or services. They are made up of ad groups, ads, keywords or keywords, budget, bidding and one of the most important pillars: segmentation. 

 How to set up a Google Ads campaign?

When creating a campaign, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • Objectives: what you want to achieve with that campaign. The platform will allow you to choose one of several established objectives. 
  • Budgets: You will define how much you want to invest, either daily or the total duration of the campaign. You will also be able to define which metrics you want to focus on.
  • Placement.
  • Audiences: According to Google's algorithm and estimates, the audiences will allow us to reach people with interest, intentions and demographic data that may be interested in our ads.
In addition to other advanced settings that the platform offers us, to be able to make a campaign more complete or with certain aspects that we can control and have a more comprehensive control.

Geographic Data for optimization of google ads campaigns

One of the best ways to optimize it, is to observe the locations of customers who already bought or completed the objective of our campaign. 

A good practice is to allocate percentages of the budget for those cities, regions or countries according to your results. We can also exclude those locations that have not met the desired expectations or objectives.

The best dates to active campaign in Google Ads.

It will sound cliché, but there is no perfect or standard date to upload a campaign and have it active. Each company has in its guts the data to determine the closest thing to this. Based on hotel booking lead time data and arrival dates, you can determine how many months or weeks you want to be impacting your market with a Google Ads campaign.

Do not fail to observe the trend lines, you will be able to determine cycles or patterns that you can take advantage of to establish strategies such as anticipation, more aggressive promotions or even establish a pause in investments. 

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