The secret that Instagram doesn't want you to discover

17 March 2021 | By Pamela Ulloa | COMMUNICATION
In our present reality, liking is an extremely common action and even now, young children seem to be born with the ability to navigate digital devices. What do you imagine would happen if popularity is no longer measured by a number? 

On the one hand it could be a break for the community by relieving the frustration of the quest for a perfect life and removing the deep-seated bias of being measured through a number, to stop assuming that your worth depends on invisible opinions and judgments recorded in numbers. 

But, it's not all about social impact, in fact, the minds behind this popular social network have other motives for removing likes from their platform. 

During 2020 brands accounts and especially content creators, seem to have discovered a part of the thousands that make up Instagram's algorithm, but you may be wondering: What is this algorithm are we talking about?

An algorithm is a mathematical formula style logical process that brings together several variables for its achievement and its task is to calculate which publications should be displayed in each account and how many people should be shown the publications we make. 

In fact, this algorithm is constantly being updated, classifying the content so that the publications that most closely match your interests and tastes always appear at the top of your feed. That is why, even if you and your friends follow the same people, the content shown varies depending on the interests of each person, we could say that each account is totally different from the other and completely personalized.

During the last year many content creators used the secrets of Instagram's algorithm to their advantage, so the app didn't like it and that's why in February 2021 decided to change it.

What is the new algorithm about?

There are several factors that the current algorithm considers: 

  1. Interest: publications related to topics you have searched for and interacted with will be shown.
  2. Novelty: Instagram gives higher priority to the most recent publications, this does not mean that it follows a chronological order, rather that it gives greater relevance to current content because it is closer to the trend. 
  3. Relationships: Instagram can read and analyze everything you write and receive: messages, comments, replies, absolutely everything. That's why it's not surprising that your crush appears first in your Instagram Stories, since the algorithm knows that you get excited every time he or she posts something, and of course you need that excitement to stay on the app.
  4. Input: every time you enter the app, even if you do not perform any action Instagram knows it, so it rewards people who are active.
  5. Active time: the more time you spend browsing the app, the better reach your posts will have. 
  6. Distance: It is much more likely that you will see content from people who are geographically close to you, not for nothing your neighbor's stories are shown in the first place.

As we well know, Instagram Stories have become the center of attention of users and brands, being the generators of most of the Engagement Rate, so we will also talk about the factors that are considered in this algorithm.

Interests: Instagram will show the stories of the accounts with which you interact the most.
Relationships: As we now know Instagram spies on our conversations, so it will show first the stories of the people you message with the most and also the people you know in real life. 
Location: It will show the stories of users who are near your location.

Over the years Instagram has become more relevant, in 2020 the publications that had the highest number of likes worldwide were starring characters such as Lionel Messi, Kylie Jenner and LeBron James. 

Publications mark events and create unforgettable trends, hence the importance of social networks in business. 

Here are some tips to help you grow your business through Instagram:

  1. Generate content that focuses on being shared.
  2. Be active and participative. Interact with other accounts.
  3. Analyze schedules and post during the hours your followers are connected.
  4. Create content according to the latest trends, for example: now that they launched Reels, implement content in these formats.
  5. Add location to your images and stories.
  6. Use content-related hashtags.
  7. Dedicate time to use the application on a daily basis.
  8. Notify your followers to activate notifications.

Performing various practices that keep your algorithm working can help you reach those consumers you are looking for.

By Pamela Ulloa



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