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14 October 2022 | By Axovia | COMMUNICATION
How to connect with your audience through your hotel's voice and brand tone?

We know that in the world of hospitality there is a lot of competition: a big variety of options of different categories and styles fight throughout the year to win the attention of those looking for a place to stay, about for a weekend or a season. So, how do you differentiate your hotel from the other options? This is where the marketing and your hotel's brand voice and tone come into play. But what exactly are they?

What is hotel marketing and identity?

Part of the brand identity, but applied specifically to this industry and encompasses everything related to the personality of the hotel, even within the same category, but we are not only talking about the name, logo or colors, we also refer to everything else: the concept as such, purpose, mission, values and even the location, architecture, size, style, decoration, materials, amenities, gastronomic offer, experiences and even the philosophy of life shared with the audience for which it is designed.

When a hotel has defined its identity and brand voice, it is closer to becoming the lovemark that everyone wants: a place with a captive audience that will always come back, because they develop a strong emotional connection with it, far beyond its facilities.

In this sense, in addition to the "traditional" 3, 4 or 5 star hotels, we are seeing more and more diverse and specialized options emerging every day, such as: ecological, boutique, pet friendly, luxury hotels, spiritual, family, adult only, LGBT and veggie hotels, just to name a few, which offer a much more specialized experience for more specific target or that previously had not been seen as an opportunity.

Let's talk about the voice and brand tone

This concept is closely related to brand identity and marketing; it consists of the style and type of language used by the hotel to communicate with its target or audience, based on its values and through various communication channels, both digital and traditional, mass or internal.

It is crucial in your marketing plan, to have a defined strategy of brand voice and tone of communication of your hotel, respect it and give it continuity to strengthen the brand building, to maintain a coherent and cohesive discourse to, in this way, connect with the audience you want to reach, taking into account that the more niche or specific, you need to have a more specialized one.

This will also help differentiate you from the competition, as well as bring you closer and better to your potential customers.

Advantages of applying marketing and brand voice and tone

  • Gives personality to your hotel and makes you recognizable, memorable.
  • Helps you differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Makes you more visible in search engines (more so when targeting a specific audience).
  • Is much clearer if it is a franchise.
  • Helps you optimize your web traffic.
  • Gives you the opportunity to develop an emotional connection with customers.
  • Generates trust and credibility.
  • Helps to increase engagement and loyalty levels.
  • Improves the positioning and reputation of your brand.
  • Helps to generate targeted SEO and SEM strategies, as well as remarketing and retargeting.
We can conclude then that the brand voice , the hotel identity and marketing, are  elements to define the personality of your project, differentiate it from the competition, make it memorable, reliable and help you communicate more effectively with potential clients.

At AXOVIA, we are specialists in hotel marketing, as well as style guides and audience analysis to generate communication strategies that boost each project.

By Axovia



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